KROMO Dishwasher DUPLA 45 D Inox
KROMO Dishwasher DUPLA 45 D Inox

Product Information

Technical Specifications for KROMO Dishwasher DUPLA 45 D Inox

  • STRENGTHNESS AND RELIABILITY. DOUBLE WALL GLASS AND DISHWASHERS DUPLA LINE: Designed to meet the needs of bars, restaurants, hotels and pubs. Their aesthetics has recently been renewed; electro-mechanic and electronic version are now available. A wide choice of options may be chosen amongst, water softener, detergent dispenser, drain pump and the new surface filters in order to adapt the machine to the most diverse uses.
  • Double walled AISI 304 structure
  • Pressed basket supports
  • Double skin door with security microswitch
  • Deep-drawn and inclined tank for a perfect total drain
  • Overflow and drain pipes integrated system, for a triple protection of the washing pump
  • Anti dropping roof to safeguard the hygiene of the freshly washed dishes
  • DUPLA35/37/40/45 with light wash and rinse arms, granting the best efficiency also in the event of weak pressure in the water mains
  • DUPLA50: stainless steel wash arms and split rinse arm
  • Easy to remove nozzles of polypropylene arms, to help with daily cleaning operations
  • Back flow prevention valve
  • Rinse-aid dispenser (peristaltic version on demand)
  • Thermostop system: the rinse starts only when the water in boiler reaches 85°C
  • NEW! A further upper surface filter (on demand only for DUPLA50 and DUPLA50T)
  • Electronic version with 3 preset washing programs
  • Electronic water softened version (on request) complete with alarm for salt lack
  • Glasswashers available also with round basket (DUPLA35/37/40).
Technical Specifications
  • Racks/hour: 30
  • Washing Cycles: 120sec
  • Power Supply: 230V- 50Hz
  • Washing Pump: 650 W
  • Boiler Heating Element: 2800 W
  • Tank Heating Element: 2700
  • Total Input: 3450W
  • Tank Capacity: 22 l
  • Boiler Capacity: 5,7 l
  • Water Consumption: 2,3 l
  • Basket size: 450 x 450 mm
  • Glass max height: 320 mm
  • Dishes max height: 340
  • Dimensions: 550 x 610 x 845h mm
  • Hydric Pressure: 200-400kPa
  • Rinse aid dispenser: Standard
  • Detergent dispenser: Optional
  • 550 x 610 x 845H mm
  • Inox
  • In stock
  • Delivery time: Up to 20 working days delivery