MITSUBISHI Duct Type Inverter Air-Conditioner 17000BTU PEAD-RP50JAQ A/A+ White

MITSUBISHI Duct Type Inverter Air-Conditioner 17000BTU PEAD-RP50JAQ A/A+ White
MITSUBISHI Duct Type Inverter Air-Conditioner 17000BTU PEAD-RP50JAQ A/A+ White

Product Information

Technical Specifications for MITSUBISHI Duct Type Inverter Air-Conditioner 17000BTU PEAD-RP50JAQ A/A+ White

  • Duct Type
Energy Type
  • Inverter
  • 17000BTU
Energy Class Cooling / Heating
  • A/A+
Energy Consumption Cooling / Heating
  • 318 kWh / annum, 1466 kWh / annum
Refrigerant Type
  • R410A
  • Just 250 mm high for optimum integration in suspended ceilings
  • Wired remote control with week timer and multi-language display included as standard equipmentStandard equipped with long-life filters, cleaning required just every 2500 hours in normal operation
  • Simple installation with easy access drain and refrigerant piping connections
  • The thin, ceiling-concealed indoor units of this series are the perfect answer for the air conditioning needs of buildings with minimum ceiling installation space and wide-ranging external static pressure. Energy-saving efficiency has been improved, reducing electricity consumption and contributing to a further reduction in operating cost.
  • Auto-Restart
  • Quiet operation
  • Auto-Changeover
  • Hot Start - draught prevention
  • Factory charged refrigerant up to 30m
  • Low unit height - minimal intrusion into occupied space
  • Drain lift pump as standard
  • High external static pressure
  • Replace Technology available
  • Refrigerant volume check function
  • Duty Standby Operation
  • Noise Reduction
  • Demand Control
  • Optional Heating Only
  • Compact Indoor Units: The height of the models from 35-140 has been unified to 250mm. Compared to the previous PEAD-RP EA model, the height has been reduced by as much as 75mm (models 100-140), making installation in low ceilings with minimal clearance space possible
  • External Static Pressure: External static pressure conversion can be set up to five stages. Capable of being set to a maximum of 150Pa, units are applicable to a wide range of building types
  • ErP Lot 10-compliant, Achieving High Energy Efficiency of SEER/SCOP Rank A+ and A++: A direct-current (DC) fan motor is installed in the indoor unit, increasing the seasonal energy efficiency of the newly designed Power Inverter Series(PUHZ-ZRP) and resulting in compliance of the full-capacity models with ErP Lot 10 and energy rankings of A+/A++ for cooling and A/A+ for heating.This contributes to an impressive reduction in the cost of annual electricity
  • Drain Pump Option Available with All Models: The line-up consists of two types, models with or without a built-in drain pump
  • Power Supply:
  • Source: Outdoor Power Supply
  • Outdoor (V/Phase / Hz): VA4 , VHA3 , VHA4:230 / Single / 50, YHA , YHA2:400 / Three / 50
  • _
  • Cooling:
  • Capacity: Rated 4.9kW / Min-Max 2.3-5.6kW
  • Total Input: Rated 1.480Kw
  • EER: N/A
  • EEL Rank: N/A
  • Design load: 4.9kW
  • Annual electricity consumption: 318kWh/a
  • SEER: 5.4
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • _
  • Heating(Average Season):
  • Capacity: Rated 5.9kW / Min-Max 1.7-7.2Kw
  • Total Input: Rated 1.620kW
  • COP: N/A
  • EEL Rank: N/A
  • Design load: 4.4kW
  • Declared Capacity: at reference design temperature: 3.9(-10°C) / at bivalent temperature: 3.9(-7°C) / at operation limit temperature: 3.9(-10°C)
  • Back up heating capacity: 0.5kW
  • Annual electricity consumption: 1466kWh/a
  • SCOP: 4.2
  • Energy efficiency class: A+
  • Operating Current (Max): 13.4A
  • _
  • Indoor Unit:
  • Input: Rated 0.11/0.09kW
  • Operating Current(Max): 1.39A
  • Dimensions ‹Panel› (H x W x D): 250 x 900 x 732mm
  • Weight ‹Panel›: 28kg
  • Air Volume(Lo-Mid-Hi): 11.0 -14.5 - 17.0m³
  • External Static Pressure: 35/50/70/100/150Pa
  • Sound Level (SPL) (Lo-Mid-Hi): 26 - 31 - 35 dB(A)
  • Sound Level(PWL) Cooling: 57dB(A)
  • _
  • Outdoor Unit:
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 880 x 840 x 330mm
  • Weight: 54kg
  • Air Volume Cooling: 44.6m³/min / Heating: 44.6m³/min
  • Sound Level (SPL) Cooling: 52dB(A) / Heating: 52dB(A)
  • Sound Level(PWL) Cooling: 65dB(A)
  • Operating Current (Max): 12.0A
  • Breaker Size: 20A
  • _
  • Ext. Piping:
  • Diameter Liquid/Gas: 6.35/12.7mm
  • Max. Length Out-In: 30m
  • Max. Height Out-In: 30m
  • _
  • Guaranteed Operating Range (Outdoor) Cooling: -15 ~ +46 / Heating: -10 ~ +24
  • White
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