TOSHIBA Wall Type Inverter Air-conditioner MIRAI R32 RAS-10BKVG-E 10.000BTU A+/A+ White

TOSHIBA Wall Type Inverter Air-conditioner MIRAI R32 RAS-10BKVG-E 10.000BTU A+/A+ White
TOSHIBA Wall Type Inverter Air-conditioner MIRAI R32 RAS-10BKVG-E 10.000BTU A+/A+ White
TOSHIBA Wall Type Inverter Air-conditioner MIRAI R32 RAS-10BKVG-E 10.000BTU A+/A+ White

Product Information

Technical Specifications for TOSHIBA Wall Type Inverter Air-conditioner MIRAI R32 RAS-10BKVG-E 10.000BTU A+/A+ White

  • Wall Type
Energy Type
  • Inverter
  • 10.000 BTU
Energy Class Cooling / Heating
  • A +/ A+
Energy Consumption Cooling / Heating
  • 153 kWh / annum, 839 kWh / annum
Refrigerant Type
  • R32
  • MIRAI guarantees well-being at its best - and at its quietest! Throughout its development, the utmost care and attention was paid to keeping sound to an absolute minimum. The entire range is A+ / A+ energy class for cooling and heating
  • DC Inverter: All Toshiba air conditioners use the latest inverter technology. This enables great energy savings by raising or lowering the compressor speed according to the room temperature needs
  • Self-Cleaning: TMIRAI is equipped with a self-cleaning function that reduces damp and mold in the indoor unit coil thanks to the combination of special coated aluminum fins facilitating condensate water evacuation and internal fan continuing to run before shutting down automatically when MIRAI is switched off. This ensures long-lasting performance and high quality air circulation
  • Louver Control: Toshiba air conditioners allow you to adjust the airflow precisely to the position that gives you the greatest comfort. Alternatively, use the swing feature to distribute air evenly throughout the room
  • Fan-speed control: Choose from a gentle airflow right up to the full cooling or heating of Hi-Power mode, which provides a blow of fresh air instantly.
  • Dry Operation: For dehumidification, a moderate cooling performance is controlled automatically. Select "Dry" mode and set the desired temperature
  • Hi-Power: This mode delivers extra airflow rapidly thorough out the room, for faster cooling or heating, but still quietly!
  • ECO operation: Achieve energy saving up to 25% compared to standard setting, without sacrificing comfort. This function raises or lowers temperature automatically, to prevent excessive temperature and electricity cost
  • Auto-defrosting: In tough winter conditions, the unit will start defrosting automatically when powered on
  • Automatic operation: The unit will automatically operate in cooling, heating or fan only mode. Just select the desired temperature and fan-speed and let Mirai do the rest!
  • Timer: Program the timer to stop your air-condition automatically (0,5 - 12 hours)
  • 3min protection: Prevents the unit from being activated for 3 minutes when suddenly restarted or switched to ON
  • Preheating operation: The unit will warm-up for 5 minutes before heatng operation starts
  • Warm air control: When the room temperature reaches the set temperature, the fan speed is automatically reduced and the outdoor unit will stop.
  • OFF timing is off
  • Spoiler fixed in position damper 5, levitation mode and automatic position adjustment
  • 5 selectable fan speed level and with automatic mode
  • low noise level
  • Mata auto-diagnostic system
  • Automatic restart (factory setting deactivated)
  • Eco-Logic, energy saving mode
  • Hi-Power Mode
  • Heating / cooling, drying and fan mode only
  • High dust
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Superior Comfort
  • A+++ Energy Class in Heating Mode*
  • My new design object, direct from the future
  • Improved energy grade in both heating and cooling modes
  • New high-end compressor (made in Japan)
  • Sleek design
  • Bigger indoor units' fan, 13% bigger to increase airflow volume
  • Weekly timer with 4 freely programmable settings per day and 7 different programs per week (optional)
  • Hepa & Cold Catalyst filters
  • Cooling capacity: 2,5kW
  • Cooling range(min.-max): (0.68-3.00)kW
  • Power input (min. - rated - max.): (0.18 - 0.77 - 1.00)
  • EER: 3.25 W/W
  • SEER: 5,7
  • Energy efficiency class: A+
  • Seasonal electricity consumption: 153 kWh/a
  • Annual energy consumption: 385 kWh/a
  • Heating capacity: 3.2kW
  • Heating range (min. - max.): (0.71 - 3.90)
  • Power input (min. - rated - max.): (0.15 - 0.85 - 1.11) kW
  • SCOP (Warmer zone): 4,63
  • Energy Class (Warmer zone): A++
  • COP: 3.76 W/W
  • SCOP (Average): 4,0
  • Energy efficiency class (Average): A+
  • Seasonal electricity consumption: 839 kWh/a
  • _
  • Physical Data indoor unit:
  • Air Flow (h) cooling: 540-150 m3/h - l/s
  • Air Flow (l) cooling: 240-67 m3/h - l/s
  • Sound pressure level(h/l) cooling: 39/24 Db(A)
  • Sound power level (h) cooling: 53 Dba
  • Air flow (h) heating: 534-148 m3/h - l/s
  • Air Flow (l) heating: 252-70 m3/h - l/s
  • Sound pressure level(h/l) heating: 39/24 Db(A)
  • Sound power level (h) heating: 54 Dba
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 293 x 798 x 230
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • _
  • Physical data Outdoor unit:
  • Air Flow (max) cooling: 1860-517 m3/h - l/s
  • Sound pressure level (h) cooling: 49 Db(A)
  • Sound power level(h): cooling: 64 Db(A)
  • Operation range cooling: -15 ~ 46 °C
  • Air Flow (max) heating: 1860-517 m3/h - l/s
  • Sound pressure level (h) heating: 51 Db(A)
  • Sound power level(h) heating: 66 Db(A)
  • Operation range heating: -15 ~ 24 °C
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 530 x 660 x 240 mm
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Compressor type: DC Rotary
  • Flare connections (gas-liquid): 3/8" - 1/4" inch
  • Minimum pipe length: 2m
  • Maximum pipe length: 15 m
  • Maximum height difference: 12 m
  • Chargeless pipe length: 15 m
  • Power supply: 220-240/1/50
  • White
  • In stock
  • Delivery time: Up to 15 working days delivery