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BALAY Mixed Hobs 3ETG667HB 60cm Black

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Type Mixed Gas and Electric
Size 600 mm
Features Precise control of the flame in 9 levels
3 burners and 1 glass-ceramic cooking zone:
- Front right: semi-fast up to 1.75 kW
- Back right: fast up to 3 kW
- Rear left: auxiliary up to 1 Kw
- Front left: glass ceramic cooking zone up to 1.8 kWIndividual cast iron grills: Professional design
Auto power integrated into the controls
Gas Stop Safety: incorporates an electromechanical gas cut system in case the flame goes out accidentally
Prepared for butane gas
Natural gas injectors included
Technical Specifications General:
Energy input: Mixed
Control and indicators: sword shaped controls
Highlights: Precise flame control in 9 levels
Energy of hob: 191.3
Energy efficiency of hob: 60.5%
Type of construction:
Frame color: black
Top surface color: black
Type of construction: Integrable
Number of electrical zones: 0
Number of electric cooking zones: 1
Type of frame: Frameless
Number of gas burners: 3
Number of halogen zones: 0
Type of installation: Integrable
Type of grid support of containers: Elongated cast iron container base
Number of positions that can be used at the same time: 3
Number of glass-ceramic zones: 0
Number of heating electric zones: 0
Dimensions and weight:
Appliance dimensions (height, width, depth) (mm): 45 x 592 x 522 mm
Net weight / kg): 11.0 kg
Cooking zone 1:
Measures of the heating element: 120; 180 mm
Location of the first heating element: front left
Type of heating element: Heating by irradiation
Energy consumption of the heating element: 191.3
Cooking zone 2:
Location of the second heating element: Kitchen area left center
Cooking zone 3:
Location of the third heating element: behind left
Type of the third heating element: Gas
Cooking zone 4:
Location of the fourth heating element: back center
Cooking zone 5:
Location of the fifth heating element: Cocha zone right
Fifth heating element type: Gas
Energy efficiency of the fifth heating element: 60.0%
Cooking zone 6:
Location of the sixth heating element: Area of coc centr dcha
Cooking zone 7:
Location of 7th heating element: Right front cocc zone
Type of 7th heating element: Gas
Cooking zone 8:
Location of 8th heating element: front center / center
Cooking zone 9:
Location of 9th heating element: Front central cocc zone
Type of safety device for gas: Electromagnetic for each fire
Power indicator: No
Residual heat indicator: Does not have
Main on / off switch: No
Power cable length (cm): 100 cm
Power of electrical connection (W): 1,800 W
Energy input: Mixed
Frequency (Hz): 60; 50 Hz
Gas connection: on the right, behind
Gas connection power (W) :5.750 W
Dimensions Niche Dimensions (HxWxD): 45 x 592 x 522 mm
Colour Black