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BOSCH Freestanding Full Size Dishwasher SMS25AW05E A++ White


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Find more about BOSCH Freestanding Full Size Dishwasher SMS25AW05E A++ White

SizeFull Size
Place Settings12
Energy ClassA++
Energy ConsumptionConsumption - during the program Economics 50:
Energy 0.9 kWh / time 210 min
Annual Energy consumption (280 washes): 258 kWh
Drying capacity: A
Water ConsumptionConsumption - during the program Economics 50:
Water 9.5 ltrs / time 258 min
Annual Water consumption (280 washes): 2660 ltrs
Noise Level48 dB (A) re 1 pW
FeaturesConsumption and Perfomance:
Energy efficiency class: A++
Consumption - during the economic 50: Energy 0.9 kWh / water 9.5 lt / time 210 min
Annual energy consuption (280 washings): 258 kWh / 2660 lt
Drying Ability: A
Capacity place settings: 12
Noise level: 48 dB (A) re 1 pW
Programs and special operations:
5 programs: Intensive 70°C, Normal 65°C, Eco 50°C,1 hour 65°C, Prewash
2 Special features: VarioSpeedPlus - wash time reduction, HalfLoad-half load wash
Equipment racks:
2 shelves for cups in the upper
Foldable glasses support bar in the lower basket
Drive EcoSilence - brushless motor technology
Aqua-Sensor, Load-Sensor
3in1 Auto - automatic recognition of all detergents (liquid, powder, tablets)
GlassProtect - glassware protection system
DosageAssist - controlled dissolution of tablets
Heat exchanger - energy savings, protection and better drying utensils
Flow heater with integrated pump
Self-cleaning filter three levels
Indications laundry and handling:
Remaining time program display unit
Program selector with START button
Default start time 1-24 hours
Electronic salt filling indication brightener
Security Characteristics:
AquaStop with quarantee for a life
Technical SpecificationsGeneral Characteristics:
Width: 600mm
Height: 845 mm
Installation type: Built-in
Places: 12
Water consumption: 9,5 l
Energy efficiency class (2010/30 / EC): A ++
List of programs: Quick, Intensive, Normal, Eco, Prewash
Digital countdown indicator: Yes
Noise level (dB (A) re 1 pW): 48
Inner barrel light: No
Removable work top: Yes
Length electrical supply cord (cm): 175 cm
Exhaust pipe length (cm): 190 cm
Color / Material side: White
Type of construction: freestanding
Ability door trim: Not available
Drying system: heat exchanger
Product Height (mm): 845 mm
Hidden heating element: Yes
Type of installation: Built-in
Removable work top: Yes
material bucket: Inox
Water softener (kWh): Yes
Width: 600 mm
Dimensions and Weights:
Height Built-in: 815 mm
Number of settings: 2
Adjustable foot: No
Net weight: 47,0 kg
List of programs: Quick, Intensive, Normal, Eco, Prewash
Name, Program 1: Intensive
Name 2 program: Normal
Name, program 3: Eco
Name, program 4: Quick
Name, program 5: Prewash
Program duration, program 1 (min): 125-135
Program duration, program 2 (min): 120
Program duration, program 3 (min): 210
Program duration, program 4 (min): 60
Program duration, program 5 (min): 15
Referral program: Eco
Number of different wash temperatures: 3
Temperature program 1: 70
Temperature program 2: 65
Temperature program 3: 50
Temperature program 4: 65
Temperature program 5: 0
Security Features:
Glassware protection: Yes
Surge-back protect. Installed: Yes
Leaks protection: Total System
Glassware Protection: Yes
Power consumption (kWh): 0,90 kWh
Washing performance: A
Drying performance: A
Energy consumption, program 1 (kWh): 1.4-1.45
Energy consumption, program 2 (kWh): 1.3
Energy consumption, program 3 (kWh): 0.9
Energy consumption, program 4 (kWh): 1.3
Energy consumption, program 5 (kWh): 0.05
Water consumption, program 1 (lt): 12-15
Water consumption, program 2 (lt): 14
Water consumption, program 3 (lt): 9.5
Water consumption, program 4 (lt): 10
Water consumption, program 5 (lt):4
Water consumption: 9,5 l
Maximum water inlet temperature (°C): 60 ° C
Connection Specification:
Power: 2.400W
Length electrical supply cord (cm): 175 cm
Current (A): 10 A
Flexible insertion tube length (cm): 165 cm
Exhaust pipe length (cm): 190 cm
Plug type: Gardy plug with grounding
General Characteristics:
Width: 60 cm
Depth (mm): 600 mm
Type of construction: freestanding
Type settings control: program selector, press switch
Energy efficiency class (2010/30 / EC): A ++
Dimensions (H x W x D)815-845 x 600 x 600 mm