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Bosch TAS1002 Tassimo Happy Capsule Coffee Machine Black


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Product information

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Technical specifications

Beverage quality and variety
  • Great variety of drinks: over 40 * specialties such as espresso, caffè crema, filter coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino, hot cocoa specialties and tea (* = available on
  • Beverage competence of well-known brands: e.g. L'Or, Costa, Jacobs, Kenco, Gevalia, Cadbury, Milka and Twinings
  • Perfect drink quality thanks to INTELLIBREW: Thanks to the patented barcode technology, every drink is perfectly prepared with the right amount of water, temperature and brewing time. The TASSIMO device reads the respective barcode and brews the perfect drink.
  • Exactly dosed capsule: Every T Disc contains freshly sealed ingredients of high quality
  • Manual beverage strength adjustment: For a milder or stronger beverage
  • No taste transfer between different drinks: automatic burst of steam for cleaning after each drink preparation
  • Simplest beverage preparation: Fully automatic beverage preparation with just one button
  • No heating up time after switching on: Immediate preparation of the first drink
  • Intuitive LED control panel: LEDs provide information about the current status of the device and indicate when it is necessary to add water or descale.
  • Easy cleaning: automatic cleaning and descaling program, dishwasher-safe individual parts
  • Suitable for almost all cups: Height-adjustable and removable cup platform
  • Easily accessible and easy to fill water tank: Removable water tank with 0.7 liter capacity, visible from the front
  • Particularly space-saving: compact device dimensions
  • Variety of colors: Available in many attractive colors
Energy efficiency
  • Innovative heating system: The amount of water required is only heated when necessary.
  • Low energy consumption: convenient self-shutdown after the brewing process
Technical specification
  • Power consumption: 1400 W.
  • Unit size HxWxD: 265 mm x 175 mm x 305 mm
  • Weight including packaging (kg): 2.58 kg
  • Original descaling tablets (TCZ6004) for optimal care of your TASSIMO are available as special accessories: With these special descaling tablets, the automatic descaling process can be carried out and the life of the device can be extended.

Capsule machine TASSIMO HAPPYTAS1002


1,2,3, SMILE!
TASSIMO HAPPY - The essential




Less cleaning, more time to enjoy.

Do not spend any more time cleaning! The TASSIMO contains a Service-T DISC with an automatic program for descaling and cleaning. Easy to use and with little effort. More time to enjoy your drink.

Variety of applications

Perfectly prepared for you with INTELLIBREW ™.


Thanks to INTELLIBREW ™, the patented barcode technology, every drink is always perfectly prepared. The machine reads the barcode on each individual T DISC and receives the necessary information for the correct amount of water, temperature and brewing time. Your favorite drink - always perfect!


All of your favorite drinks and brands

Would you like a full-bodied espresso or a seductive latte macchiato? Or would you prefer a delicious hot chocolate or a fine tea? Choose from over 40 specialty drinks from well-known brands such as Jacobs, Milka or Twinings, and enjoy your personal favorites.


All your cups and mugs fit into this TASSIMO.


The cup platform is easily adjustable in height and also completely removable. So all cups, glasses, mugs and even thermo cups can be used - your favorite drink in your favorite cup!


Just a push of a button for your favorite drink.

Life can be so easy! Your Tassimo machine does the beverage preparation automatically. Simply insert the T DISC and press the button. Enjoy your favorite drink, enjoy time with loved ones, enjoy life!


Save energy quickly and easily with the energy-saving mode.

Simply reduce your energy consumption! The standby mode is activated immediately after each brewing process and ensures low energy consumption. This way you save energy without having to think about it all the time.

Strong against lime, gentle on the TASSIMO.

Long descaling of your TASSIMO through regular descaling! The descaling tablets specially developed for all TASSIMO machines clean effectively and sustainably. This guarantees a longer lifespan for your machine and the optimal taste of your drinks.