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FOCAL Listen Wireless Headphones Blue


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Focal is proud to introduce Listen Wireless, the wireless version of our high-end portable headphones. Equipped with Bluetooth® 4.1 wireless technology, these headphones offer customers an exceptional product of French craftsmanship with a sophisticated design and, as always, the quality of Focal Sound. With Listen Wireless, Focal wanted to target new customers, who are both techies and audiophiles, and for whom freedom is essential!
Designed for all sorts of set-ups, these wireless headphones can also be used with a traditional audio cable. Connected to a DAC, they will deliver all the power and scale worthy of a high-end hi-fi product.

Key points

• Portable headphones, light, comfortable, excellent isolation
• Exclusive cone technology offering outstanding sound quality
• Bluetooth® 4.1 for moving around freely up to 50 feet (15 metres)
• Up to 20 hours of autonomy listening to music
• Compatible with all smartphones
• “Clear Voice Capture” double microphone system for even greater intelligibility of speech
and conversations


In order to offer our customers good musical quality even through wireless products, Focal wanted the technology to be of sufficient quality - not just something associated with compressed music
. As a result, Listen Wireless is equipped with Bluetooth® wireless technology version 4.1, and compatible with aptX. The technology has now reached a level where it is nearly as good as CD quality.
After having become a reference manufacturer for high-end headphones, we are now proving our expertise in of the arena of portable wireless headphones: Listen Wireless guarantees excellent sound rendering. 
Whatever technology is used and whatever the intended use is for our headphones, audio quality is always a key value for Focal. Sacrificing sound is not an option.