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Retigo Orange Vision Combi Steamer Oven O1011igc


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FeaturesUnique Features:
Appearance, reliability and functionality
Curved double glass door - No more burns and energy losses
Unique cooking chamber surface - Longer lifetime, more hygienic
5 -speed fan with auto reverse system - Controlled evenness
Cross-wise racks - No burned wrists or scalding, better visual control
Extra tray - Enhanced capacity
Easy to use in all conditions
Big colour touchscreen controls - Lightning fast response and ease of use
Unbeatable touch controls - Proper reaction even with oily or gloved fingers
Easy cooking - Instant and simple cooking with new technology
Programming - Easy to operate or customise (1000 programs/20 steps)
Pictograms, Touch&Cook - Just double touch to start cooking
Outstanding results and efficiency
Advanced boiler system - Ongoing cooking to deliver the best results in time for the diners
Advanced direct injection system - Excellent cooking results thanks to highly saturated fresh steam.
Automatic preheating/cooling - Compensates loading temperature drops
Turbo steam function - Fresh steam boost for immediate steam saturation
Autoclima - Steam saturation control (1 % precision) for the best cooking results
One of the fastest returns on investment available on the market
Retigo Active cleaning system - Economical semi-closed automatic cleaning
Active descaling system - Automatic cooking chamber descaling
EcoLogic system - Energy recuperation - energy savings proven by displayed consumption
WSS - Water Saving System - Minimised water consumption
ACM - Automatic Capacity Management - Automatic recognition of food volume for the best cooking results
Standard Features:
Hot air 30-300 °C
Combination 30-300 °C
Steaming 30-130 °C
Overnight cooking /baking - Saves time and money. Minimises weight loss of food
Rack timing - Different products cooked at once resulting in time and energy savings
Regeneration/banqueting - Cook, chill and regenerate to serve more at once
Delta T cooking/baking - Excellent uniformity with big food chunks
Low temperature roasting - Less weight loss, better taste
Cook & Hold - Time savings in the kitchen, faster service
Golden Touch - Controlled finishing for golden-brown crispy excellence
Massive door handle - Comfortable and safe handling
Hand shower - Easy cleaning, no fighting with winding up
4-point core probe- Safe core temperature control
Flap valve - Crispiness and no cross contamination of flavours
Bi-directional fan - Excellent cooking and baking evenness
Fan Stop - Prevents scalding when the door is opened quickly
Fan timing - 3 steps for greater evenness
AISI 304 stainless steel - No corrosion risks
Perfect halogen illumination - Precise visual control
Run-off tray under the door - No slipping on water
Removable door gasket seal - Easy maintenance
IPX5 protection - Maximum safety in the kitchen environment
Flat control panel - No broken mechanical knobs and buttons any more
Vision agent - Virtual help at your fingertips
Automatic start - Helps to reduce idle time and saves your time
Learn function - Improves cooking standards every time
QuickView - Fast program overview - Easy orientation in steps
USB Plug-in - Easily record and load data to and from the combi oven
LAN interface - Saves your time and performs monitoring with data management
Vision Combi software - Special software valued at 320 EUR, completely free, for editing and creating programs
Instant HACCP records - Food quality ensured
CCS - Calcium Control System - Keeps an eye on calc*
BCS - Boiler Control System - Direct injection backup *
SDS - Service and Diagnostic System - Lower servicing costs, time
*- applies to boiler combi ovens only
Basic unit options:
Left door
Safety door opening in two steps - decreases the risk of steam scalding
Second temperature core probe
Set of combi ovens 611/611; 611/1011 - Enhanced flexibility on less than 1m²
Optional voltage 3N~/230V/50Hz
Marine version (not available for gas units) - Solution for marine vessels and other offshore installations
Be FLEXIBLE according to your needs
1-point temperature core probe ensures precise temperature control over prepared food and limits the risk of under- or overcooking.
USE: When you often cook a food which needs to reach precise internal temperature, e.g. all types of steaks, big pieces of meat with or without bone.
This optional equipment is a great help when you need to use fresh water while cooking in the combi oven. The shower uses untreated water and only works when the door is open.
USE: The shower is useful for quickly rinsing the cooking chamber, adding fresh water into gastro containers while placed inside the oven, for moistening the cooking chamber or basting meat or rice.
You do not need to manually set the programs any more. The cooking result will always be the same. One program may consist of nine steps and is saved in the memory of the combi oven. Using the preset programs is very fast and easy - choose the number of the program and press the start button
USE: If you want to make the cooking process even easier, faster and more efficient.
5-speed fan - The option to set five different speeds of the fan will ensure perfect results even with the most difficult cooking processes. The auto reverse system will ensure an evenly divided distribution of heat throughout the cooking chamber.
USE: Fan speeding is excellent when baking pastries, cooking over night and in situations where you need to be very gentle with the air distribution in the cooking chamber.
Fan stop function - An immediate shut off of the fan when the door opens significantly reduces the escape of heat and steam from the cooking chamber.
USE: The fan stop function isused automatically when you open the door.
A controlled flap valve for quick release of unwanted moisture from the cooking chamber helps make the food delicious and crispy. By using the flap valve, you will also avoid cross contamination of flavours
USE: When e.g. baking, frying, grilling or gratinating without the need for moisture in the cooking chamber. When you use a program with more than one step and the previous step, before using hot air mode, is steaming or the combination mode.
Technical SpecificationsEnergy: gas
Steam generation: boiler
Capacity: 11 trays GN1/1
Capacity (optional): 11 trays 400/600
Capacity of meals: 151 - 250
Spacing [mm]: 65
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm]: 933 x 1046 x 863
Weight: 154 kg
Heat power: 18 kW
Total power: 0.8 kW
Steam generation power: x
Gas consumption: 1.9m³/hr
Fuse protection: 10A
Voltage: 1N~/230V/50Hz
Voltage (optional): x
Water connection / drain [mm]: G 3/4" / 50
Gas connection: x
Temperature: 30 - 300 °C
DimensionsW: 933 x H: 1186 x D: 863 mm