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SIEMENS Filter Coffee Machine series 300 plus 1100W TC3A0303 Black


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Product information

Find more about SIEMENS Filter Coffee Machine series 300 plus 1100W TC3A0303 Black

Type Filter Machine
Coffee Type Ground Coffee
Capacity 10/15 Cups
Features The plus the enjoyment of coffee
Powerful heating element 1100 Watt (max) for full aroma
SafeStorage: Safe installation of the glass jug
Filter swing-out for easy removal and cleaning
Drip stop: avoid dripping when removing the jug
Auto-off: Keeps coffee warm and provides full operational safety
Product Features:
Wattage: 900-1100 WOptimum taste extraction through special brewing process
Aroma protecting glass jug for 10/15 cups (1.25 l)
Boiling system for optimal taste
Drip stop
Integrated water tank with level indicator
Removable filter (1 x 4)
Hot plate to maintain temperature
Yes: automatic disabling auto off
Illuminated on / off switch
Secure area for placing the jar, storage cable
Technical Characteristics:
Secondary colour: dark grey
Water tank design: movable, transparent
Maintain heat: Dish warning
Dimensions and Weight:
Flavor maintaining steps: None
Dimensions of the product (H x W x D): 335 x 170 x 245 mm
Capacity (l) 1,25 l
Number of large / small cup 10/15
Net weight (kg) 1,5 kg
Auto shut-off: Yes
Control mechanism type: thermostat
Acoustic signal that coffee is prepared: without
Filter: Swing-out filt 1x4, drip-stop
Water level indicator in the jug: Yes
Power indicator: Yes
Type of jug: Aroma-sealing glass carafe
Safety device: Temperature protection
Select amounts: 2 stages
Drops leakage protection: Yes
Water level indicator: readable from the outside
Indicator desalination: No
Method of desalination: No
Technical Specifications:
Power: 1100 W
Length of main cable: 90,0 cm
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Plug type: Grady plug with grounding
Voltage: 220-240 V
Power 1100 W
Dimensions 355 x 170 x 245 mm
Colour Black