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Tefal Steam Iron Virtuo FV1320 1400W Blue/White


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SoleplateNon-stick soleplate
Steam Rate50 g/min
FeaturesGet a try at Virtuo steam iron.
Its compact size is such that it's very easy to store without giving up the promise to get rid of creases.
With steam at the tip of its non stick soleplate, Virtuo offers an optimal steam diffusion for easy ironing.
Steam boost to remove even the toughest creases
In case of [particularly tough creases, the shot of steam flow reaches up to 50 g/min for smooth ironing.
Continuous steam output to ease crease removal.
Continuous steam output to 13 g/min gives you the ideal constant amount of steam to efficiently remove all creases.
Vertical steaming of hanging garments.
Convinient function to quickly refresh or remove creases on hanging garments, jackets, delicate fabrics, etc.
Spray for easy iron.
The spray moisturizes the fabrics to help you remove the difficult creases.
Non-Stick soleplate.
The non-stick technology offers smooth ironing.
Anti-calc action.
The anti-calc system makes the cleaning operation of your iron possible. A regular maintenance will ensure durable stream performance.