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Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini Global Bagless Wireless Hand held


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Product information

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Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini


Basic Specifications

  • Product Net Weight

    Approximately 0.5 kg (main unit)

    Product Dimensions

    267 × 55 × 55 mm

  • Rated Power


    Rated Voltage



Power Adapter

  • Input

    100–204V~, 50/60Hz, 0.35A

    Product Dimensions

    77 × 24 × 44 mm

  • Output

    5.0V = 2.0A, 10.0W


Package Contents

  • Main unit ×1

  • Crevice nozzle ×1

  • Brush nozzle ×1

  • Type-C charging cable ×1

  • Adapter ×1

  • User manual ×1


Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini

Clean up anywhere anytime

Portable | Powerful | Brushless motor | One-click dust disposal

  • Handheld vacuum cleaner

    Compact size

  • 0.5 kg


  • 13,000 Pa

    Powerful suction

  • 88,000 rpm

    Brushless motor

  • Multi-function nozzles

    Tackle different cleaning needs

  • Remove dust in a single click

    Keep hands free of dust

A vacuum cleaner slimmer than a flask

Cleans the room while also pleasing the eye

Only 0.5kg, even lighter than a bottle of water,
effortless to lift


Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini

Powerful brushless motor
efficient cleaning with dual vents

The high-performance brushless motor and the straight dual-vent design reduce energy loss and improve cleaning efficiency.
The quick start-stop prevents dust from staying in the nozzle when you turn off the machine.

  • 13,000 Pa

    Powerful suction

  • 88,000 rpm

    Motor speed

  • Quick start-stop

    Keeps dust from escaping

Visible strong power

Easily lift a laptop computer

Innovative 2-in-1 nozzle

The two nozzles can be used separately or together

Handy to clean up

Compact, easy to use, great for different household
cleaning needs. Never worry again about food crumbs
on the floor.

A portable and convenient
desktop assistant

You work, I'll clean up

Multi-function nozzle
Makes light work of cleaning

You do the exploring, I'll do the cleaning

Reaches deep
Into nooks and crannies

Leave all the cleaning to me

An expert at cleaning

You want clean? You get clean.

Your secret weapon
for taking care of your car

The inside of your car can get pretty dirty on smoggy,
dusty days. With this vacuum, all that grit will have no
place to hide.

*Do not leave the vacuum cleaner in direct sunlight. To avoid danger,
we advise against leaving the vacuum cleaner in the car on hot summer

Convenient one-touch
dust disposal keeps your
hands clean

One-touch dust disposal: Press the button and the dust cup pops open. No secondary contamination.

2 suction modes, max 30-minute running time

  • Standard mode

    30 minutes' battery life

  • Standard mode

    9 minutes' battery life

Slide and lock design
Keeps the dust cup from
accidentally popping open

To dump the dirt, simply slide the button and give it a
light press.

Removable steel primary filter

To dump the dirt, simply slide the button and give it a
light press.

Built-in HEPA filter core
Overall filtering efficiency > 99.5%

Dual filtering system with steel primary filter + HEPA filter core
Not even the smallest particles can escape,
so you'll never make dust while you vacuum


More considerate designs

Type-C interface

Compatible with mobile phone and power bank cables

ABS hard dust shield

Airtight, prevents dust leakage

Dust cup lock prevents accidental opening

The cup lid can be secured to keep it from opening accidentally

Detachable dust cup and filtration parts

Washable by water for easy clean

Compact and space-saving


Placed on a sofa

Stored in a drawer

Carried around in a car